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TURDUCKENS BEFORE THANKSGIVING?! Turkey/Chicken Couple Adopts a family of Ducks

TURDUCKENS BEFORE THANKSGIVING?!Chicken/Turkey Couple Adopts Family of Ducks

These are the kinds of stories that keep you awake at night wanting to call that third aunt you haven't spoken to for five years and tell her how much you love her even though you are pretty sure that you don't. These are the kinds of stories that wet your eyes and dry your tears are the same time. This is mother nature working her finest magic, folks. On Wednesday, April 1st, 2018, Clucky Louise and Stan the Turk were given the greatest gift one could ever receive; they were given the gift of family. 
Having been together going on four years now, Clucky and Stan hadn't thought much about what their future held.  "Bawk ba bawk clucklit," remarks Clucky. This translates roughly to: "I've always been too focused on my career to think about children," remarks Clucky. Clucky owns an organic stuffing company, providing only the most natural of embalmings for her brethren since 1…

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